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    How to check a remote to see if it is working

    Gather up all the remote controls that you think are not working and a digital camera or cell phone with a camera.
    Turn the digital camera on, all you need to do is look at is the digital screen while performing the process.
    No need for turning off all the lights (but may be helpful in seeing the IR signal).

    Point the remote towards the lens of the camera as you would when pointing the remote towards the TV.

    Press and hold any button on the remote while viewing the screen on the camera. Note: some buttons may not transmit signals via default. Best button to try first is the power button.

    While holding the button on the remote and viewing the digital camera screen if you see a blueish light, that means the infrared signal is working properly, there is a problem with the direct connection (if its a universal remote, try setting it up, if its not, you're probably not pointing it correctly).

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    I simply use an AM Radio and Push buttons while close to the radio and you will hear tones coming out of the loudspeaker !!


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    thanks i have wondered how to check a remote on a old small tv, i thought the part in the tv went bad but didn't know how to check thanks again.


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