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    Angry Openbox v8s, X2 TS-44B LNB, & Dish500 dish gets 30 channels but still scrambled :-(


    I have an old Dish 500 satellite antenna with an X2 TS-44B LNB pointed at 110W with an Openbox V8S... I also have an inline amplifier to try to help boost power to my LNB.

    My system is picking up a measly 30 local channels which I can pull up most of them over my OTA antenna and of course these are all scrambled anyways.

    I ordered a 1 month, single route option and setup the cccam config with the information I received in my email however my 30 channels continue to remain scrambled, not that I plan to pay for channels through IKS66.com I can already get for free via antenna to begin with.

    The channels I'm currently finding with the following transponders are all I'm seeing right now.

    Transponder 1
    Frequency: 12267MHz
    Symbol Rate: 20000Ks/s
    Polarity: V
    7800 KTWO-TV (ABC - Casper)
    7801 KGWN-TV (CBS - Cheyenne)
    7802 KCHY-LP (NBC - Cheyenne)
    7803 KCHY-LP (NBC - Cheyenne)
    7806 KDUH-TV (Scottsbluff)
    7807 KDEV-LP (Cheyenne)
    9065 KRDO-TV (ABC - Colorado Springs)
    9066 KKTV-TV (CBS - Colorado Springs)
    9067 KOAA-TV (NBC - Pueblo)
    9068 KXRM-TV (Fox - Colorado Springs)
    9070 KXTU-LP (CW - Colorado Springs)
    9071 KTSC-TV (PBS - Pueblo)
    9073 KVSN-DT (Univisión - Pueblo)

    Transponder 2
    Frequency: 12384MHz
    Symbol Rate: 20000Ks/s
    Polarity: V
    8200 KMGH-TV (ABC - Denver)
    8201 KCNC-TV (CBS - Denver)
    8202 KUSA-TV (NBC - Denver)
    8203 KDVR-TV (Fox - Denver)
    8205 KTVD-TV (My - Denver)
    8206 KRMA-TV (PBS - Denver)
    8207 KQCK-TV (Cheyenne)
    8208 KCEC-TV (Univisión - Denver)
    8210 KWHB-TV (Tulsa)
    8211 KBDI-TV (PBS - Denver)
    8212 KTFD-TV (UniMás - Boulder)
    8213 KDEN-TV (Denver)
    8214 KPXC-TV (ION - Denver)
    8215 KZCO-LP (Azteca - Denver)
    8216 KCDO-TV (Sterling)

    I even spent the time to go through and manually enter the TP's for everything listed for 110W on Lyngsat.com but didn't come up with anything different than the blind scan. I've used a analog satellite finder and compass to make sure that I'm pointed at 110w. I can't even pick up FTA channels when I try to point at 97W.

    I don't know if the problem is I am not getting enough power to the LNB still, the LNB is bad, my receiver is garbage or what. My dish elevation, azimuth, and skew are all set to what dishpointer.com says to use for my gps coordinates.

    I'm at a loss right now, Any suggestions?

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    No need for a line amp and now that the mpeg4 is in play you have to have a mpeg4 compliant receiver. The lnb may not be one for 110. The s/n is now 21500 and you need to have turbo turned on which means a add on board is needed.


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