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Thread: data pull

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    IKS66 Junior Member
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    data pull

    How much data does FTA require? I am running a Jynxbox HD and was looking to stop my DSL service and hotspot my phone to my Jynxbox but not sure how much data it would require... Any thoughts?

    I thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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    Super Moderator Sammy's Avatar
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    Can run on dial up so not much.

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    IKS66 Junior Member
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    Jan 2016
    Thanks Sammy for the reply... I did want to share what I found on another site... I am hoping this is correct...

    Here is a C/P from another site.

    Q. How much data does the NFPS download from the internet?
    Will I go over my bandwidth limit?

    A. The NFPS uses 60 bytes every 20 seconds to function.

    1024 bytes = 1KB (kilobyte)
    1024 KB = 1MB (megabyte)

    So, at this rate NFPS uses approx. 10.5kb per hour or 253 kb over a 24hr period.

    To illustrate, if you were to leave your television on 24/7 for 30 days it would use 7593 kb or 7.4 MB over that entire span of 720 hrs that your TV and NFPS was on.

    As such, based on simple math, it is highly unlikely that you will ever go over any bandwidth limit set by your ISP, (Internet Service Provider) because you have NFPS.

    Creative Genius

    End C/P

    So with that being said, as long as I turn the unit off when not watching... I should be perfectly ok! Does anyone have any information to support this claim?

    Thanks again!!


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