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8) Do not post links that are not directly related to the topics discussed in this forum.


10) NO pornographic avatars.

11) Do not send private messages to any forum member asking for support, start a thread, so everyone will learn and know the solutions.

12) If you start a thread asking for support and has already solved your problem you should share the solution in such thread to let other users know the solution too.

13) Please ask your questions in the right place, if your box is not in the list then put your thread / post in " Other FTA Units " .

14) This forum nor his team is NOT responsible for any damage that you may cause to your equipment using files downloaded from this site, so take the appropriated precautions before uploading any file to your receiver.

15) Don't upload Virus or Copyrighted programs ( Software).

16) No IKS Resellers are not allowed in this site.

17) Do not discuss or mention any other IKS Provider rather than IKS66.

18) Do not make more than one post requesting support for the same matter.

19) We do not allow political or religious discussion of any kind

20) Enjoy this site as it was created for all of you!

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