View Full Version : Flash X-FTA Dongle Back to Life

03-13-2013, 04:26 PM
C/P scottyb77

These are the 2 things needed to flash your xfta dongle back to like if you brick it

You have to download xfta-o8.09.2-g1.2.3-wf0.23mex.trx and a tftp utilty once you do that follow these steps

1. bring the xfta router over to your pc plug the power cord in but leave it unplugged from the xfta
2. connect a cat 5 cable from your pc to the wan on the xfta
3. you have to give your pc a static ip of ip, subnet mast gateway
4. start the tftp utilty for server put, Password is password then select the xfta-o8.09.2-g1.2.3-wf0.23mex.trx file.
5. plug the power cord into the xfta dongle count to 4 and hit the upgrade button on the utilty and you will see the status bar go accross the screen and complete give the xfta dongle a minute and it will be good as new again.

I did this yesturday to a xfta dongle i got yesturday that was bricked and it worked like a charm.

once you can access you xfta dongle again do your setting for wireless and remeber to undo your static ip address and hook it back up how it was originally