View Full Version : PINWHEEL HD Public IKS Announcement - Feb 13, 2014

02-13-2014, 08:44 PM
It is with very great unfortunate to announce that effective immediately the "public IKS service" will be unavailable until future notice.

It seems that southern provider along with their card technology partner is taking every effort to shut down "any and every public IKS" server.

Please note that not a single Pinwheel public IKS server was ever hosted in North America and we took extra security measures but it seems that southern provider is very aggressive against any public or publicly advertised IKS service lately regardless of server host provider or location.

It is for the best interest for Pinwheel team not to offer "free Public IKS" service.

We encourage you to find a reliable truly “private" solution for your IKS needs.

We still believe that PINWHEEL HD is the best High Definition hardware.

Your privacy and security is the most important factor for us, therefore we apologize again for not offering the free public IKS service.

Be safe and have fun testing.