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    Really need some help with this issue badly ilink 9800 box

    Have looked everywhere on the net, the problem is with both my Ilink 9800 IS boxes, I did a factory restart and everything boots up fine, except the cable icon does not turn blue, its like it not connected to the internet, its says on boot up dchp cable connected, it looks like its connected, but that Ethernet icon on the bottom screen is greyed out " it used to light up blue to show the internet is connected, and I cant seem to connect the box to the server, is there anything someone can tell me what to do, I have 2 boxes with the same issue so its definitely something I did cause they were working fine, the cable icon does not light up, hence its not connecting to iks server, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    what about your Network information ?
    Is it thru DHCP and do the IPs show in the menu screen ?

    Maybe reboot your router as well
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