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Thread: Iptv & ufc

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    IKS66 Junior Member
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    Aug 2016

    Iptv & ufc

    Hi, I have my IPTV set up on Kodi on a Fire Stick.

    Works well, but every UFC event on BC Sports, UFC comes in and always has one issue or another. Do other people experience this? Last time, it would freeze every 10 seconds or so for about 1-2 seconds then come back for another 10 seconds, etc etc.

    Do I have something maybe not quite set up right? My internet connection is pretty fast at about 90-100Mb down/10-15Mb up.

    Also, does UFC ever come through in HD?

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    IKS66 Junior Member
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    Oct 2017
    Try potato tv on kodi.It May run better.Seems to run a little better at times than the mag emulater.Im running mine on a Dreamlink T6 and that’s old stuff,runs well enough to watch some tv ��.


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