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    Does anyone know a good point on this forum orelsewhere that compare IKS and IPTV?

    I am currently IKS fan. I have two dreamlink T5.
    Can anyone point out to me a good reading in the forum or elsewhere where i can compare IKS and IPTV?
    Also, If you can point out a good article comparing IPTV boxes.
    Your personal input or opinion is very much welcome.

    Dish: DISH Pro 1000+; Receivers:Dreamlink T5 HD, CNX nano2, Satellites: 119w, 110, 118w, 129w, Switches: DPP 44
    LNB DISH Pro DBS/FSS Dual Band LNB for 119W & 118.8W, 2 Dish Pro Dual LNB for 110W and 129W

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    iptvtalk.org for a good read.


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