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    Lightbulb Instructions: How to Configure KODI or Bluestacks Stalker for IPTV on PC

    Ok guys,

    I have seen a couple of posts asking the same questions, therefore I decided to try to compile a few previous threads to guide you on how to configure either KODI with stalker installer or Android Emulator bluestacks with STB IPTV emulator.

    So can you use IPTV service from your PC??? Yes, you can! How... let's see the options..

    Option A) using KODI and the stalker plug in
    Option B) Using Bluestacks (android emulator) and installing IPTV STB emulator...

    Both options have being discussed in the forum, so search and read old posts because the information it's there...

    Since I know everyone wants the shortcut and would not take the time to search and read, I have decided to help and simplify your search...

    For Option B, here is the explanation... --> http://fta66.com/threads/4599-iptv-H...0418#post20418 Look at the end of the thread where I posted the instructions to install and configure bluestacks and iptv stb emulator..

    For Option A, Please look at this thread... you should found all the information and even the plug in you need --> http://fta66.com/threads/4561-IPTV-u...r-add-on-works!
    If you don't have experience with Kodi and installing plug in's then (maybe you need an actual STB... ) you can watch and follow this video (it has some unnecessary steps regarding *fusion but would not make any harm having it...) -->
    keep in mind that the IPTV server address it's hided (blurred) on the video, but it's the same fta66 provides (1.iptvprivateserver.tv)

    Regardless of which option you followed (A or B), please understand you need to link the MAC address you setup at Kodi stalker installation or Bluestacks IPTV stb emulator to the route you purchase, please look at the MAC you setup and make sure you register using the documented process here --> http://fta66.com/threads/4786-Link-y...0965#post20965

    Ok then with this information posted I hope it helps all to clarify the doubts and finally get up to speed with IPTV service.

    Important!!!! Please forward other forum members with doubts on how to configure IPTV emulator or plug in to this thread so that we can avoid multiple threads asking the same.

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    Hi - am newbie please go easy :-)

    Just to confirm the MAC address you register to your route is the one displayed in the Stalker software/add-on NOT the physical MAC address of the network card in the STB (in my case a Zoomtek T8)


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