Credit to Sp0iler:

This is an alternate way to scan for some that may be having issues.This is not the only way to scan but works well for me and those that have tried it.

Here is how you can get a perfect scan for your area.It takes a little time but you'll be happy with the results.


Some may want to start by loading the "System clean" file two or three times and then load the factory bin to start with a fresh box.Load the current file for your box and begin the steps below.

Follow me completely....

Turn the power "off" to any lnb your NOT scanning with (only what your pointed at).
Scan your sats one at a time turning the lnb power off and on as needed.

Next, go into the menu and "Delete" (repeat "Delete". Not a reset.) all your channels.
Remember to jump to the music side and delete all channels there too.
After you have deleted all the channels, save the file to your Usb stick.

You now have a clean transponder file for your area.

Next, go back into the sat menu.
Turn the power "off" to any lnb your NOT scanning with.
****Turn "off" "Network Search"****
This time, do a "manual scan" of each transponder one at a time, saving each as you go at the prompt.

After your scans are complete, turn all lnb power back on as needed and exit out.

Now save the file to your usb stick.

You now have a clean and full channel list for your area.Save it and use it again sometime if you need it.

This is your best way to scan to get everything you can in your area and have a minimal if any dups at all.

Added: Now, some added info.....
When you go to "Delete" your channels, turn the power "off" to all your lnbs.This will stop the box from trying to tune to each channel as you stop
to delete and will speed the process a bit.
Turning "Network search" to "off" will stop the box from doing a full sat scan when your trying to do your individual transponder scans.
Leaving Network search "on" will cause the box to automatically begin a full sat scan after the transponder scan.You don't want that.
You will put about an hour into this process. Give yourself plenty of time and be patient.

You will be thrilled with the results and you will also observe a very clean and working Epg as well.

Good luck and happy testing,