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    Can anyone give me some info. about this receiver. Is it true that no dish needed just internet will do?

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    no dish needed with that one, nope.
    But it is a pre-loaded, paid subscription receiver..... meaning that someone loaded it up with m3u channels (and prolly allof which can be found free on-line anyway...free and not pirated).
    When you see it advertised with a list as shown below (as they do), thne mostly you can bet it has non-premium channels that can be found openly on-line , but they want a price for that which gets included into the box price.

    'Includes Channels for the following countries & languages Arabic, Kurdish, Persian,Turkish, English, German, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italian, Portugal, Albania & Serbia, Russia & Ukraine, Greece, Norway, Finland, Romania, Poland, Bulgarian, Hungary, Spanish, Azerbaijan-Georgia, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africans, India, Philippines channels'.

    And it prolly comes from them China cloned receivers , which can be bought for 30 bux a piece... while this one they want 145 bux

    So not are they charging you for free (legally free) channels, but they are also charging you big bux for a 30 dollar receiver

    Don't be fooled with what they offer in channels or their TOP BARGAIN deals

    Look at box specs when shopping for an IPTV receiver, and not them fantastic deals
    I did not even ee specs listed for that box, just the sales pitch

    specs to look at are ...
    -System Memory : 1 GB DDR3 RAM , with DDR4 slightly better and 2 GB optimal, but 1 GB is fine too.
    -Internal Media Storage : 8 GB eMMC Flash RAM (8 GBs is optimal)
    -Android Operating System should be at least version 6 .. but version 7 or higher is optimal.
    -System Processor ... quad core ARM is good, Rockchip is good but is loosing support.
    -Video Resolution
    -Built-in WiFi
    -2 USB ports with 3 ports optimal.
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    Hi Thunderstruck,

    Do you know if there an issue with the IKS services I just renew yesterday my family and some few friends donation. Yesterday was working fine and today is down.


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