View Full Version : iHub Emulation for Windows

05-31-2013, 02:10 AM
Windows ihub emulator step by step:

1 - Unzip windows ihub emulator

2 - Select the Sonicview bin (sv8000hd use hd20-2028_nochk_2nd_chksum_2nd_try)
and load. Use usb or rs232.

3- open ihub.cfg with wordpad you will see this:
serial: /dev/ttys3 # comment com1 = ttys0, com2 = ttys1 ... Com(x) = ttys(x-1)
server_ip: # only ip numbers no names for now
port: 10000
network_timeout: 1000 # leave it as is 1000
tr_delay: 40000 # leave it as is 400000

Now its time to change,
For serial if your computer have the serial com1 set serial: /dev/ttys0
For server_ip if your iks provider have number is the server name just change number if not go to:
and convert name to ip


For port set your iks provider port then save and exit.

4. Connect receiver rs232 to computer be sure have null cable
usb to serial work fine just set speed 115200

5. Run svhub and turn on stb wait until get network adapter connected TV screen message.

6. On remote control press menu > network setting you will see on TV:
Private Server #1
Change user name to your iks provider
Change password to your iks provider
Change des key to your iks provider

move cursor to status and click ok should get connected if not double check all setting
click exit and save

wait some seconds and enjoy it.