View Full Version : HD8000_SysCleanFile

02-27-2013, 08:03 PM
Here is HD8000_SysCleanFile to clean out the old code, please follow the instruction properly to clean out old code.
This is not necessary for those who's not being affected by glitch/bug.


1. Factory Reset (using Menu-Installation)
2. Format USB device (make sure it USB 2.0 compatible)
3. Extract HD8000_SysCleanFile.zip to a folder
4. Copy file HD8000_SysCleanFile.bin onto the USB device
5. Insert USB device into the STB USB port and start the flash update
6 Once the update completed, you can flash with the latest update and do dish setting/sat scan.


- Do a hard reboot (power OFF-ON using rear switch) after every update.