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04-04-2013, 11:59 AM
File created by trogcamera , thank You.

SV8K Modified TP update 5 Jan 2013

Modified Conus TP update for SV8K accurate as of Jan 05 2013
Only these sats have been updated 82 91 110 118.7 119 & 129

There are now 2 transponders on western arc sats that will no longer scan correctly with SV8K
This tp update will enable SV8K to do fresh scans of DN wa sats without the 119 tp 12311 & 110 tp 12530 missing channels errors.
This is a specialy edited TP update file, if you dont follow these instructions to the letter it will not work correctly for you.
Print out these instructions if you are new to this stuff or if you are used to doing this a dif way

Instructions for use.
(1) create a blank channel tp file.
Load this tp update file onto your HD20 SV8K then redo all dish settings as per your hardware for all sats you will be scanning then save the unscanned blank channel list to usb stick & name it SV8Kblank.

(2) scanning sats
Turn off auto tp update
Turn on Standby EPG
Set all SID sort options to on
Now you can scan sats
Go back to dish settings sellect sat to scan then check to make sure network search is set to off before you scan
Red button scan sat choose no for save at prompt then red button scan again & save.
Repeat for all other sats you are scanning.

Now you can set up all your working channel fav lists in SV8K channel edit.
Dont forget that when you place channels into your fav lists in channel edit with remote they cant be re sorted by sid afterwards, so carefully prepare all of your fav lists channels in sid order (or the order of your preference) on paper before creating your fav lists

Anytime in the future you want to rescan sats you just load your saved SV8Kblank file on your box, it will delete all channels on all sats & it will retain all your dish settings ready for your fresh scan.

Warning notes :
(1) Do not import your scanned channel list into channel master for post editing, that will cause your working 9xxx channels on 119 tp 12311 & 110 tp 12530 to stop working
(2) never factory reset your box at any time or delete a sat to rescan it that would undo all the special tp edits in this file & also cause the working 9xxx channels on 119 tp 12311 & 110 tp 12530 to stop working
(3) never turn on auto tp update .... it will corrupt this file