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09-08-2014, 04:23 AM
// PINWHEEL HD PRO file 3.2 (3rd party)

version: 3.2

Changelog for 3.2

1 - Fixed some internal bugs! <- We can't elobrate on all the technical minor details but we found a few instances that caused the receiver to be crashed. Some of those problems were addressed!

2 - In 3.1, a minor bug was introduced that once you added a server, you could not delete that server. It has been now fixed!

size: 22.33 MB
type: .udf
system database format: .db
server database format: .dat
channel/message server database format: .msg
os: linux
linux image type: 3rd party unofficial (not factory)


allows you to use private system using newcamd protocol

Default parental lock pin : 0000
Default server list pin: 9999
VLC streaming ip:

apps: weather, irc, http/udp/rtp player, shoutcast, rss feeds, photo viewer, mp3 player, vlc stream player

*how to install*

download zip file
extract zip file
load the .udf file on usb stick
insert usb stick into box (front or back)
go to Menu ==> SW/Update ==> GREEN button for update
Select the first option that will display your usb stick name
Press OK on file name and wait for it to finish (DO NOT unplug or remove usb stick from stb, as this could make the unit inoperable)

Since the file is over 22MB and is a linux image, it will take about 1 min. to erase the FLASH which will display as

"E" on the front panel

after that it will take about 2 mins. to Write the file displaying

"U" on the front panel

When upgrade is complete, "DONE" will be displayed on the front panel, simply use the remote press the power on/off and it will boot into the 3rd party linux image.

Your box is ready for use with 3rd party private linux image

// end of description